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Render Walls

Render Walls Cleaning Gold Coast

Render is used internationally, especially on large modern buildings, but the manufacturers of render recommend sprucing it up from time to time. If it is not cleaned regularly the colour of the render will appear to fade. This is because render can become infected with mosses, lichens and algae causing stains that will ruin the appearance of a home or commercial building.

Softwashing is an eco-friendly and safe way of eliminating organic matter and atmospheric pollution from the exterior render. Many types of finished coloured renders will suffer from algae, bacteria and mildew staining. The climate and pollution can also lead to staining and discolouration. At ASAP Pressure Cleaning and Softwash Services we use our low-pressure unit to gently clean render surfaces. Softwashing will not harm the buildings substrate, however, if the render is exposed to a high-pressure wash it can cause long term damage. A Softwash will return any render surface cleaned to its natural state, looking freshly painted, thus increasing the buildings kerb appeal and value.

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